3D Art Gallery

On the left you can view a gallery of 3D projects I have completed in the past.

On the right I am working with Three.js to create a 3D Model Viewer so you can have an interactive experience with some of my models.
The Big Idea - 2015

The Big Idea is my newest album. I'm happy to release it to you all for free. I have also release my first studio album with Scott Lladan as TheSwings

I have been writting and recording music my entire life. It is a great release for me. It's always a plus if other people enjoy as well. Feel free to download all of my music by following my Full Discography link below.

Full Discography

I wish I could sing, draw, animate, program or design a paragraph about who I am instead of typing one. It would be a lot easier for me.

The most important thing about me is that I love to create no matter what the medium is.

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